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Today's business demands employing cutting edge technology to deliver the most demanding customer needs. Unfortunately, technology professionals are usually overwhelmed by the massive amounts of information required to learn to keep up and stay current.

ScorpioTek specializes in delivering and authoring integrated solutions to train IT professionals and developers in becoming proficient in record time. Our training programs include:

With over 6 years delivering Microsoft training classes worldwide, our trainers have the expertise and know-how to transfer critical knowledge so that you can overcome any obstacle and stand out from the competition.

Awesome Utility to Boot from VHD

Just stumbled upon this utility: It will allow you to create a VHD from scratch that has he pre-installed OS so you can then boot from it.  It will also let you create an entry in BCD and specify its name.  Have used it for quite a bit and it works like a charm, give it ago! Read More...

Creating a Windows 8.1 VHD to Boot from VHD

It can’t get any easier than this:

Freeing up Disk Space on Windows 7

Found this great article on how to reclaim disk space on Windows 7: Particularly useful as my WIn7 VM was running low after lots of Windows Updates! :-) Read More...

Free ebook: Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Release

Make sure you snag a copy of this free book at the following URL: Read More...