22 Oct 2014

Converting a VHD/VHDX to a Wim File

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While getting ready for an event that will be staged completely with WDS, I ran into issues capturing a VHD file to a WIM file using WDS.  My guess is that the old Mac Mini I’m using is not keeping up so I needed a way to get that VHD to convert to a WIM file.

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21 Oct 2014

Setting up a WDS Sever from Scratch (Part 1)

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This post will describe how to get WDS working on Windows Server 2012 from scratch.  I am pretty sure there are many tutorials out there but I needed something as a reference for myself as I end up looking at various sources whenever I want to accomplish this.  If this helps anyone else, then all the better!

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02 Oct 2014

A Fix for an Annoying OneDrive Behavior on the Mac

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OneDrive by Microsoft is one of the best options out there for online storage.  You get 1 TB of space, a yearly Office 365 subscription and Skype minutes for in incredibly low price.

Even though the Mac client for OneDrive has seen some improvements over time, there are still some incredibly frustrating bugs out there.  The one I particularly dislike is when OneDrive encounters a file whose path is too long for it to handle it properly.  Instead of skipping the file and warning the user, OneDrive decides it must shut down.  Once you click that Restart button, you have to reconfigure SkyDrive from scratch!

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24 Sep 2014

Enabling PHP Errors in MAMP

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MAMP is an amazing tool that should be used by any web developer who wants to minimize the hassle of setting up a web server and mySQL environment.  Out of the box, it has almost everything you could possibly need; however, errors are not set to be displayed automatically.  This post will show you how to enable errors.

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