Enabling PHP Errors in MAMP

Enabling PHP Errors in MAMP

MAMP is an amazing tool that should be used by any web developer who wants to minimize the hassle of setting up a web server and mySQL environment.  Out of the box, it has almost everything you could possibly need; however, errors are not set to be displayed automatically.  This post will show you how to enable errors.

The first thing you need to do in MAMP is find out which version of PHP MAMP is running.  Head over to MAMP and click the Preferences icon and then click on the PHP tab, your version will be shown here:

  • Knowing what your version number is (in my case, it is 5.5.14) you must now open the file located in the following folder:


  • Please note that the 5.5.14 above needs to be replaced with your PHP version.
  • Once the file is open, do a quick search for the line that reads:
display_errors = Off
  • Change that Off to On, save your changes, and then restart your web server.  It should now catch any errors in your PHP code:



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