A Fix for an Annoying OneDrive Behavior on the Mac

A Fix for an Annoying OneDrive Behavior on the Mac

OneDrive by Microsoft is one of the best options out there for online storage.  You get 1 TB of space, a yearly Office 365 subscription and Skype minutes for in incredibly low price.

Even though the Mac client for OneDrive has seen some improvements over time, there are still some incredibly frustrating bugs out there.  The one I particularly dislike is when OneDrive encounters a file whose path is too long for it to handle it properly.  Instead of skipping the file and warning the user, OneDrive decides it must shut down.  Once you click that Restart button, you have to reconfigure SkyDrive from scratch!

Yes, you heard that right.  You have to select your OneDrive folder, select which folders to sync, enter your credentials and so on:
Have fun doing this every time SkyDrive encounters a problem.

Until there is a fix to avoid from the OneDrive team, I discovered a way to avoid having to do this overtime skydive encounters a problem.  Whenever you are presented with this problem:

The OneDrive folder has stopped syncing

Whatever you do, do not click on that button.  If you do, you will be back at setting everything from scratch.  Use the error to know where the offending filename is and fix it by renaming the file or moving it elsewhere.  Once you have fixed that, open Activity Monitor, look for the OneDrive process and kill it:

Kill the Skydrive Process

Now, you can reopen OneDrive and it will simply process the files again and resume where it was before the error.  This means that you do not have to set everything again, which is an incredible timesaver.

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