PACESS (Platform Adoption Center Scheduling System) was an ASP.Net project developed fromĀ the ground up by ScorpioTek for the DPE (Development and Platform Evangelism) team at Microsoft. The project started as simple scheduling system for scheduling events using servers that were running in Building 20 at Microsoft Campus.

Users would log in using their Microsoft account credentials and would be able to schedule events. When scheduling events they chose whether they wanted to use virtual machines and provided a Wizard-like infrastructure.

The system had to carefully provide available resources taking into account the customer’s requests (virtual memory, estimated size of virtual machines, virtual processors available).

This was a continuos project that started in 2008 and was frequently updated based on constant customer feedback to include new features.


One of the many screens of PACESS

PACESS was an great success within DPE and it helped to scheduleĀ 492 events in 125 cities across 52 countries.