Xavier Morera Website

Xavier Morera Website

Xavier contacted us in June of 2016 to upgrade his website in order to have modern look and a better internal infrastructure. The blog had various issues:

  • The WordPress installation had not been secured. For instance, the administrator of the site had the username ‘admin’, 2-factor-authentication had not been implemented, and common countries that target hacking attempts were allowed to access the administrative site.
  • The theme was difficult to use, exposing many details to the end-user that were not necessary and made blog posting confusing.
  • The overall appearance of the theme was outdated and did not displayed well on tablets and phones.
  • There was no backup mechanism implemented, if the site was hacked, most of the content would be lost.
  • Images were very large in size and were causing the web site load very slow.

It took ScorpioTek 5 hours to:

  • Set up a new theme in place
  • Secure the site
  • Update the plugins
  • Put into practice a scheduled backup system integrated with OneDrive
  • Reduce the size of all images on the site by 20% without affecting image quality

The final web page was published by ScorpioTek and it has already jumped in Google rankings as a result of the optimizations made the website.