Professional Security Audits

Professional Security Audits

The services people use to store information on the Internet have drastically evolved in the last few years; unfortunately the security practices employed by end-users have not. Thousands of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, and Instagram accounts are hacked every day, providing hackers with sensitive information that can be sold, divulged, or use against them in the form of blackmail.


One compromised site might compromise the rest

Which of the following practices do you follow for each your online accounts?

  • Enabling 2-factor authentication
  • Having a unique, secure password for every service
  • Changing your password every 3 months

If you follow all of those practices for each of your accounts, read no further, you do not need our services. But if you answer no to any of these points, you are vulnerable and it will only be a matter of time before your accounts are compromised. As a matter of fact, your accounts might have already been hacked and you might not even know it.

Let our professionals walk you step-by-step on securing your accounts. This does not mean they will be invulnerable, but it will make the hackers’ life a lot more difficult, thus probably leaving you alone and moving towards the next victim on their list.